Monday, August 15, 2011

The Return of The Great Hatsby

So, on Etsy, I was asked to list another Great Hatsby since the first one sold. It was a good request to get since I'd stagnated a bit on purse-making and hadn't realized everything had expired. Apparently Etsy doesn't have half the reminders I get from even places who only want me to fill out a survey.

But this meant I got to figure out re-creating something is much harder than creating. My method has always been: get an idea, get the scissors, cut out shapes, sew it together. If necessary, make adjustments and do it again.

Re-creating The Great Hatsby has been all that and more. I actually tossed two attempts this weekend -- and I don't toss them  unless they're really, really bad. The third attempt wasn't great -- the face part is all twisty -- but he's not quite throw-away bad. (The new flesh-tone leather I found stretches quite a bit more than I'm used to.)
I may use him as a giveaway on Fansci if I think anyone would want him.
Then I think I finally figured it out, at least a little, with Hatsby the Blue.

But the person I'm making him for said something about iPhone fitting and he turned out a little on the small size. Well, he's 6 inches by 3, but I have a myTouch and it barely fits. (I got the silicone case too, because my children drop things regularly (Hah, like how I blamed the children there?) but I keep thinking my friend's iPhone is wider than my phone. Flatter, but wider. Larger screen, Apple might say. And I think Apple handed out cases for theirs because of an antenna issue, so the width was worrysome.

So I tried one more time, with the new pattern, (right, I should make a pattern this time -- out of paper and write instructions on it) and got Hatsby the Green, still 6 inches tall, but just under 4 inches wide.
 He holds the myTouch with room to spare.

So I've got some of these made and I have renewed all my expired listings and I'll put this up as soon as the person who made the request tells me which she prefers. (Beyond the size difference, I was running out of little gears so Hatsby the Blue has a skull/button combo -- though I think it turned out really well.). They both have a beak/nose thing That was accidental on the first, but I decided I liked it and kept it for the second. It can easily be changed to the more traditional goggle shape with a pair of scissors -- leather doesn't fray.

But that was my weekend. Hoping yours was good too.

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