About Me

Marilou is the name my mother gave me.

It once belonged to a grandmother. Verna was the other grandmother. I don't remember ever meeting either, but I now own both their names.

Goodwin is the name I took for my own when I figured out where I belonged in this world.

And Clothdragon is the name I use in the digital demesne -- where there were more Marilous and more Goodwins than I would have guessed. Well, I'm not surprised about the Goodwin part. I was always pretty sure they were widespread. Even the Goodwins easily connected to Husband; there are a lot of them.
Hi, Goodwins!

Is that all the names?

Yes, I think it might be.

Well, Husband calls me "Honey" or "Hon" and the children call me Mom, but those have very limited applications and I don't answer to those names for anyone else. Usually. Oh, and Dragonbones is my name on Etsy, where some sneaky person snapped up Clothdragon before I got there. (Here's where I do the Colbert-style fist shake and scream "Etsy" at the sky).

Why am I here?

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.
Oh, right. Fantasy and Science Fiction. Genre writing.


I haz much the geekly.

I read everything I can, and always have. I write too. Not greatly, but I'm getting better. You can find my stories in Crossed Genres #15 and Crossed Genres: Year One.

I look forward to many discussions here about reading, writing, and even movies. Usually about Fantasy or Science Fiction, but I'm not a stickler. Come on in and talk to us. We can figure it all out together -- like a brain trust. We haz the smarts, but do we have the will?

Email at marilou@clothdragon.com