Series I Follow

Because I have a horrible memory, I like to have a list of stories I've enjoyed and wanted to watch for the next one. If I catch a series near the end it's easier. I can go on a spending spree and read them all in a row. When I catch it early on.... 

I never remember to look the next one up when it comes out in a year. I need reminders. These are my reminders in handy web page form. 

If you also like a few of these authors and have a series to suggest to me I'd love to hear about it. Even if my to-read pile is already full, I'm usually happy to add another. And recommends usually move them to the top of the list.

Having just organized my books, I'm adding some details about books I'm missing and the last book I have to help me remember where I am when the new books come out.

Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs
(It looks like I lent out all my Mercy books. I really need to start writing down where my books go when they leave my house. Really, I have none of these left.)

Harry Dresden by Jim Butcher
(My last book is
Turn Coat, but I'm missing the first seven.)

Rachel Morgan by Kim Harrison
For a Few Demons More, and my last book is White Witch, Black Curse. Black Magic Sanction is to be released in December!)

Aisling Gray by Katie MacAlister
(Well, I have the 4 Aisling books, but not the Silver Dragon series or Love in the Time of Dragons.)

Eve Dallas and Rourke by J.D. Robb
(Happy couple who still have a life and do stuff -- after the wedding! Excellent news for those of us approaching our 15th wedding anniversary!)

Kitty Norville by Carrie Vaughn
(Why do I only have Kitty Takes a Holiday? Where have all the others gone?)

Harper Blaine by Kat Richardson
(I seem to have lost Greywalker, and my last one is Poltergeist. I seem to be several books behind.)

And I remember really enjoying Green Rider by Kristin Britain, but I seem to have forgotten to keep up. I'm two, almost three, behind.

Christopher Moore, who doesn't stick with the same character, but the same funny style and characters from his past books show up in the new ones.
Barry Hughart, who doesn't seem to be writing anymore, but his Bridge of Birds is my favorite book EVER! If he writes more, I want to know about it.