Monday, August 1, 2011


Guess who discovered the Iron Craft Challenge this weekend?

Right. Yeah, I guess that's not much of a question, is it?

I couldn't find the rules on that site, so I had to go looking and I found that they moved less than two weeks ago. Their FAQ is still back at their old site. Pretty much what it says is: yes, you can join; challenges are posted every Thursday; crafts are shown off (on their Flickr group) every Wednesday; they'd prefer regular submissions rather than come and go, but understand when life gets in the way; and, HAVE FUN!

This week is sculpture. Fimo, here we go. Or, rather, went. We did it Sunday afternoon. Mine is called Unfinished Novel.

And I made another set of horns. They're all coppery. (If you want to make the hat horns the trick is Chicago Screws. I put the post in the horn and keep the screw out. Then the screw goes through the space between the knit stitches and the horn is screwed on.)

Taaa Daaaa. Sculpture.
I also call her Jilly

I like "Unfinished Novel" the sculpture more than the actual unfinished novel, but then she's one of the few I've been happy with. (How could I not be happy with that face?) But I don't sculpt as well as I'd like so it's nice to have created one I like.

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