Monday, September 12, 2011


Starting off an interesting week with...

  • Little Girl cannot find her bike helmet frantic-ness.
  • Little Boy falls down while we're walking the dog and cries all the way home.
  • I cannot find Little Boy's lunchbox.
  • I cannot find the instructions for my new computer stand (garage sale) that I wanted to look up today.
  • Discovering that the box of individually bagged chips Lazy Mom gets for kid lunches comes in regular and extra spicy because this box is the extra spicy type my children will not eat.
  • Finding out the milk has gone bad when it would not stir into my morning tea.
  • I'm also out of the cereal I usually have for breakfast.
  • And then... Little Boy did not get ready for school while I was stressfully unable to pack his lunch.

Getting Little Boy out to the car and into VPK is no harder than usual.
Then we move on to the reversals...

  • Where I am happy to discover the automatic postage machine at the Post Office is working. (It wasn't last week.) That lets me mail out the Monster Purses I owe people now instead of when I return to that neighborhood to collect Little Boy from school. Much happiness!
  • Where Publix lets me exchange the spicy box of chips for the normal one, they have normal ones in stock, and it all happens very quickly. Hooray for Publix!
  • Where I collect cereal, and another box of tea (just in case) and I'm still out of there by 8:50. Go Cashiers!
  • Where I get home by 9, which is my scheduled writing time -- which I am currently spending venting -- and things are suddenly looking much better.

Then I get home and Grimm has decided to make his views on the hats I force him to wear pretty unmistakable.

I'd found it at a garage sale this weekend. Wouldn't it have made the best pictures?
He is now kenneled for a time.

I'm trying to make my point of view just as obvious -- which is, in essence, that I will pet and hug him when he can forgo 1)chewing on things that are not his own, and 2)pooping in the house.

I am nearly certain this is not too much to ask.

And to end on a happier note -- last night I took a bunch of moon pictures. (It was particularly pretty then.) The second picture had the flash bouncing off my hand. I'd held it up in a silly attempt to block the streetlight. The other two captured the colors better than I'd expected.


  1. I wanted to get out and take a walk last night because the moon was so pretty, but I wound up watching a movie and then playing a video game instead. Damn media variety!

  2. I know moon viewing has a bit to do with the atmosphere between me and the moon -- meaning what I see here in Florida could be much different than what you would see in Texas, but there was a circular rainbow surrounding the moon. Probably due to the amount of moisture in the air -- we're getting lots of rain lately -- but only in small drizzly bursts. It made for excellent viewing and only slightly less excellent pictures.

  3. We're getting no moisture here, sadly. The state is still on fire.

  4. We've had a lot of rain, but we're also having trouble going outside because there's so much smoke. I think Florida may also be on fire, though I haven't been checking the news lately. I hope someone would tell me if I have to pack up the children and run for it.