Friday, May 27, 2011

Not So Easy

Shrinking down photos is not as easy on the little netbook I brought along as it is on my usual laptop. The memory on here is somewhat lacking and it gets a little slow with anything graphic so no photos today either.

Today, names.

There was a fish and chip place called Oh My Cod

The Mad Hatter was a hat shop, of course.

Hairy Lemon was.... Well. I can't remember what it was, but what a name.

I know The Streat was for eating. (As Little Girl says, get it? Get it?)

And some other random things...

-In the shopping center near our Dublin Hotel is McDonalds, Burger King, and KFC, as well as the accessory shop, Claires.
-I miss my husband and children.
-Merrion Square is an amazingly lush green park in the middle of a VERY busy area of town.
-Trinity College is where the Book of Kells resides and it seemed odd to go touring in a still-functioning school. And the Old Library Long Room is what heaven would look like to us book nerds. --Or hell, if there were this many books but not a single good one. Bad news, they wouldn't let us take ANY photos. Not just "No Flash Photography" but no photography at all. My heart broke.
-I saw a kid chewing on a straw. Not straw, like Huck Finn, but A straw. Like from a restaurant -- but not IN a restaurant. Walking through the shops. With the paper wrapper still on. I guess I should clarify, not child, early teen kid. Another was chewing the cord from his hoodie. Add that to the child I saw on the tram sucking his pinky finger (not thumb) and the feeling of being surrounded by smokers, I begin to wonder if Irish genes push people toward oral fixations.
-It is still cold.
-In the shops they have packages of pancakes. Like we have bread -- or potato chips. But only four or five to a package. I saw a lady in the elevator munching on one. They seem to be portable snack foods over here. Grab a pancake for the road.
-Everywhere we've stayed so far has a tea tray. Sugar (brown and white), tea bags, instant coffee tubes, and milk/creamer things. Those little plastic cups the children love to drink from. Yep, those. In every hotel. Love it!
-Ireland also has a three day weekend starting now, though they don't call it Memorial Day. I worry that everything will be full of crowds during the holiday.
-I don't like crowds. But I think that may have been mentioned before.
-I do like doing stuff and I recognize that, unlike our time at The Jungle, we cannot always be lucky enough to have an entire exhibit to ourselves. 
-The place we rented in Northern Ireland, Shepherd's Nook, would be a perfect writer's escape cottage (though I didn't write). Secluded with a kitchen. Good internet access. There were two baby sheep we could see through the back window. But don't read The Red Tree while you're there. It will freak you out. 
-We have four more days in Dublin and we're not sure what to do with them. (Still on the possible list from when we started researching are: Dublin Castle, Number 29, NewGrange, Boyne Valley, Malahide Castle, Ghostbus, and Dublinia.)
-Sunday we want to go to the Flea Market.

What would you do for your last few days?

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  1. Glad you're having a good time. I have no idea what I would do, but I hope you have a blast.