Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bad Crafts

I've been talking writing a lot lately. Or reading, which is the other side of the same coin. One might think I haven't been crafting at all, lately, reading those blog posts.

Sadly, I have.

Only not well.
Here, Count Vampypants (the 3rd) proves that everyone messes up sometimes.

So if you looked at my other babies and thought, I could never do that (Not that I think mine are that good, but I have looked at things made by others and had that feeling so I suspect everyone has felt it somewhere along the lines) -- you can see for yourself....

Everyone makes an ugly mess every so often.

Princess Froglips suggests smaller yarn so the face isn't so lumpy looking, but this was my first try at making a knit version of My Little Monsters and, oh, is it bad. So bad I didn't even add his zipper teeth, poor thing.

Perhaps the next project will be better.

UPDATE: I wrote this a little before I checked rss and found.... EpBot Jen had the same idea, the same day. I love it when that happens. Like ideas swirling around space catching many people at once. If you see others on the topic of the occasional bad craft, the odd ugly, unworking project, let me know. I'd love to see if the idea spread further than Florida.


  1. I like the count! He looks so happy. I would totally put that on my bookshelf so I could see the happy count every day.

  2. If only you lived close enough I could hand him over easily.