Friday, January 14, 2011

National Dress up Your Pet Day

Guess what today is?

Right, I've got to stop putting the answers in the title.

But I'm participating! I realized it was National Dress up Your Pet Day before it was over! Well, sort of. I dressed them up last Friday, when my sister went through the pet stuff drawer for the dog brush and Ti barked her demand to be given my sister's tiny little dog. Her shirt says "I decided to put myself in charge." It is very much Ti, ancient little brat-dog that she is.
Foo got to be sparkly. (I found the shirt at a garage sale just before Little Girl's birthday, and thought Little Girl would love for Foo to dress up for the occasion.)
I know, she needs a haircut.

At least I participated this time. But, Holy Cow, look at this list of special days. And that's only in January! No wonder I miss so many.

And before I go....
Unicow the bright. I have a bright shiny friend who chose her own colors for her own unicow. Taa daa!

And Happy Dress up Your Pet Day, Eye Care Month, Hot Tea Month, National Braille Literacy Month, National Hobby Month, National Soup Month, National Staying Healthy Month, National Thank you Month, and Oatmeal Month. 


Enjoy them all.


  1. I love unicow! So, where do you get your stash? Do you pick up little bits of fabric and trim at garage sales? Or do you repurpose them from other things, or order online or what? I'm thinking of building a stash of fabrics and trimmings, but I don't want to spend a ton of money (especially if I don't have a specific project in mind). I'm just curious.

    Simply having a pet is entirely too much effort for me, so I'm sure there would be no chance that I'd remember all of their separate holidays. LOL.

  2. My leather stash started off when I moved into this house and the neighbor had her first garage sale offering up an oversized manilla envelope of what I'm guessing were upholstery samples.

    My fabric stash comes from nearly the same place. Not the neighbor, but much of it comes from garage sales. Crafters tend to collect, I think then we cull out the things we don't use and others grab it up for their collections. Some is from stores --usually on sale, but occasionally I love a fabric and buy it at full price and then don't get around to making the thing I absolutely had to make out of it.

    All my lace comes from garage sales though. I'm not a big one for decorative details so I never think of it while I'm at the store -- I did go shipping for the strap material for the one full-size purse I made.

    I don't usually cut things apart for fabric, but I have for hardware or buttons. --Though with leather prices I should consider cheap purses and jackets at garage sales, shouldn't I? --Especially things with belts I could use as purse straps. A whole new bunch of possibilities just opened up for me....

  3. Garage sales sound like great stash builders. But I can't bring myself to get out of the house that early on a Saturday - too much like work. :-)

    I'm starting to get into repurposing things. I recently noticed a pair of jeans of Nicole's that had the knee torn out. The bottoms had been fraying for a while because they were too long when I got them. The jeans still fit, but I'm not interested in patching up holes in the knee. I'm thinking of fashioning that into a purse. I mean, pockets are all built-in, and I could try to pull cord through the belt loops to help pull it shut. If I cut the legs off, there's a lot of usable structure still there. I'm also considering making it the top part of a skirt. I don't know. It just has so much potential - so I yanked them back out of the goodwill box and put them in my craft room.

    I'm trying to pay more attention to things like that. Using what I have is a big goal/resolution for this year. I'm still learning how to look for possibilities in stuff before I throw it out.

  4. There are a million projects for old denim. :)

    Do a search for the project you're considering and there will likely be directions online.

  5. Awesome! I've got MLK off, and I'd already planned on being selfish and not keeping the kids home with me. With all of these ideas, I think I might be sewing me some denim stuff. Woot!