Friday, January 21, 2011

This Week in Links and Images

I read two things that felt right.

Janet Reid wrote about the difference between information and analysis. and Carrie Vaughn wrote about characterization.

Kim Harrison introduced me to Bookperk.

And I made a full contingent of characters. Nearly.
Clara and George, her love interest.
Jessamine and Silas -- Clara's friends and family.
Together. I don't have Ichabod. Or Lorelei. Or the bad guy.

I also made some mini-purses. What Ninja. Rocklington. Roc. The one I'm considering calling Gorn, despite his Star Wars figure origins, and two that will go directly into the kid's play box.

What I have not done this week was write. When I have trouble sleeping I try not to write. When my medicines gave me serious insomnia a few weeks ago I didn't have this rule and I wrote nonsense. And it was on a current project. And not limited to just the end. I'd gone back and added half-sentences and confusion throughout. It's taken me longer to fix my insomnia produced ramblings than taking a week off would have cost me. This week, I took the time off.

Next week though... I will write.


  1. I'm trying to get my ass in gear writing-wise, too. I've just started something brand-spanking-new, and it's intimidating me a little bit.

  2. Neat. I'm trying something new too. Steampunk, which is making me research Victoriana -- but I want to set it in that time period but United States, so it's a little harder -- for me. I'm sure there are those out there for whom this time period would be a walk in the park.

    I'd love to hear what your new thing is once you've gotten a handle on it enough to know yourself. --And if you wanted to send me something to critique, I'm up for it now. Email document and sensitivity level required. :)

  3. thanks, Marilou. So far, it's all very nebulous. Swamps and alligators and Cherokee magic. I will have nothing to critique for a while, but if you wanted to look at a couple chapters of what I'm trying to get published in the small presses, that would be very helpful.

  4. Sure. The offer was for whatever you'd find helpful, not necessarily the newest :) I'm still new to critiquing for others and not an editor so it'll read like something from a picky reader hoping to find something that might helpful for you.