Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Creative Thing

Star Wars 2010 Exclusive Mini Mighty Muggs Vinyl Figure 3Pack #1 Cad Bane, General Grievous Captain Rex
I got these guys in my Christmas stocking. They were so cute I had to look them up and found that I hit the tail end of a .... meme? Apparently they sell them in blanks and people have been customizing them for years.

I had no idea.

But now that I have discovered them, I had to customize. I bought the ones on sale (you can get them on Amazon for less than $4) and primered over them and only have one done so far, but I made....

Clara! (My newest character.)
Mine isn't anywhere near as perfect as the pictures you'll see in the customization site, but I like her. I think she started out as the Cairo Swordsman.
Indiana Jones Mighty Muggs Figure Cairo Swordsman
I have one more skirted one and two with legs to play with. I haven't decided what to make with them yet. When I first saw them I thought they were simple-cute that reminded me of the purses I've been making (I'm allowed to say that without sounding conceited, right?) and I thought I'd try Mr. Vampypants, but once the first one was blanked out and I picked up a pencil, I drew in Clara. I guess I need to finish primering the rest of them them get my pencil.


  1. Those are cute! Makes me want to dig out my paintbrush.

    Everyone asks me where I got my wolf-man coin purse. You don't have cards or something, do you? Even something I could print out?

  2. Thank you. I made some cards the other day after I'd been complimented on my purse a few times -- after I finally got around to making them, it seems that people stopped asking, but I put the file up on google docs if you want to print some (or let me know how many to mail you). I used a Word template to create it, so the one odd card out it the way all of them looked when I made them, but I also like the way google simplified it.

  3. She is even more awesome in person. Great work honey.