Monday, October 18, 2010

Then I Saw RED...

Warrant sang that one, and it really has nothing to do with the movie that we saw this weekend, but it popped into my head when I started to write about my movie experience. Why have I been thinking in song snippets lately?

But about the movie...

I liked it. There were some comic-book-ish over-the-top scenes, but they worked. All except the kiss at the end. They were so busy making the action film, it forgot there was supposed to have a romance in there too. (Is that a spoiler? I hope not.) But because of that they missed the necessary chemistry. (If you movie makers read this, there's a simple fix. Have her kiss him instead of him kissing her. I know it's too late this time, but next time. Simple fix. Do that.)

OK, this bit is definitely spoiler-ish, but it's a story-telling discussion too, so I can't resist. He calls her, he in-essence stalks her, kidnaps her, and in the end he kisses her. She lets him. The simple change of having her kiss him instead would show a change in her outlook and make it look less like she was selling herself for the adventure. That's all. Little things.

And there was really only that one little thing, in a movie that was, otherwise, really fun. (Let me know if you see others, I occasionally get complacent). It wasn't a world-changing, excellent movie, but sometimes fun can be enough. And the characters were great. John Malkovitch. Helen Mirren. Morgan Freeman. Ernest Borgnine. Brian Cox. Oh, and Bruce Willis, of course. Excellent people. Great characterizations, all the way through.

Really, my biggest annoyance were the trailers. The taglines. Slow Justice is No Justice? No. Slow justice is slow justice. Slow. You just said that. I don't know why that bothers me, but it does. I'm bothered. I can't remember the rest, but I was surprised that there wasn't one preview that made me want to watch any of the upcoming movies. There was apparently something starring Robert Downey Jr coming out, but we didn't see a preview with him in it. It was a poster in the lobby, my sister noticed while I was busy reading "What's the Story?" Morning Glory and trying to figure out how much of that was the title. 'Cause if that's all title, it's not good. Not at all.

Also, we seem to have missed a bunch of previews lately because we were surprised to notice that there was a movie out called simply "Devil". Yep, that's it. Devil. Odd.

Loving Netflix Instant.

Loving Tivo and fast-forwarding through commercials. Occasionally it means we miss stuff. Sadness. So if there were excellent movies released recently, you guys should let me know. I might have missed it.

Oh, also, my Alien Vampire Bunny (in honor of Kate Duffy) story beginning is up over at Greyhaus. Go read them, vote, and then come back here and guess which one is mine!

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