Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Go Random

Alright, I'm always a little bit random. But I think I'm a little worse than usual.

I have a new project that I'm struggling through -- not the usual breeze through the first hundred pages then stall. But struggling already on page three. I think it's because I'm making up a whole new world and every time I start to write, I stop and start surfing online to learn more about secret societies, or clarifying the Succubus legends in my mind. Or I have to decide on how many family members the characters have and what that means to them. How close they are.

Then I got the duotrope update email and it listed firstline and their looming deadline which caught my attention. Because I'm going so slow with my current, as yet untitled, story I decided to write that. I'm nearly as far in this story as the main one. Already. But I'm lacking in direction. I need to find one soon or the whole story aspect of the short story will be missing.

I'm also distracted with a few other short possibilities. Paranormal Romance for Ticonderoga. A superhero story for I Made That. And possibly Erotic Horror for Bloodbound Books. Well, maybe less on that last one, in that I have nightmares when I read horror and what will writing one do to me....

But the first line thing is fun. The writers who visit me here should go check that one out even if you skip all the  others. Writing prompt go! For the non-writers, should I fail to complete it in time or should they chose someone else's story for publication I'll stick my random musings on the subject up here for your amusement.

Also, I'm losing (badly) the Vampire Bunny Contest and there are people with no votes at all! (I tried to vote for all of them, but it won't let me vote again -- which does make sense.) So go vote for someone.


  1. I have two favorite quotes regarding random.

    "The generation of random numbers is too important to be left to chance." - R. Coveyou

    "Anyone who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits is, of course, in a state of sin." - J. Neumann

  2. We had random number problems in my beginning Java class. It wasn't fun.