Thursday, October 14, 2010

Children's Costumes Accomplished

We're slow on these things. Only recently did we start watching this cartoon -- on Netflix Instant.

The children loved it. (The adults liked it quite a bit too.)

Little Girl decided to be Katara.

Little Boy decided to be Aang. I did better making her costume than his. Sigh. Oh well. Knowing I wouldn't be able to get him to try it on too many times in the day, I took the pictures when I had him try it on to place the wrist straps so there are now straps on the other arm too. With snaps so it's easy to put on, but keeps the look.

Now I only have Hubby's costume left to sew. Hooray!

And don't forget to visit UNICEF's Book or Treat! Fun and a good cause. They have some neat Halloween stuff there. (And books are part of it. What could be better?)


  1. Costumes look good. I'm trying to put together a Monty Python Black Knight costume complete with missing arm.

  2. Sounds like fun.... looking it up...

    Looks like black stockings, and a simple tabard (long shirt without sleeves, easy to sew, and I'd do iron on for the boar on the front). Long sleeve black shirt, and black gloves. The helmet would be the hardest part.

    For you or for one of the kids? I'm pretty sure I can't mail it up to you... Or can I? You should be able to mail swords, right? Anyway I found a sword almost as big as me at a garage sale (probably a medieval faire purchase) that would go perfectly for that. But then again, it might make people a little nervous to see a large man in armor running around with a giant metal sword. Perhaps it would be safer to find a plastic one :)

    Most Halloween stores do sell extra limbs though (also plastic) so you can get your dismembered arm easily enough, then just add a black sleeve. Send pictures when you've finished!

  3. Thank you.

    I love costumes and, as long as I don't have to add in a lot of hand-sewing, I love making them. I need to get Hubby back into the old costumes I made for him and get pictures. (Dr. Horrible and an Empire Commander)