Friday, October 1, 2010

I Read It and So Might You

Some links I enjoyed.

Star Wars vs. Star Trek Burlesque on Wired.
Another Wired link on why ebooks cost so much.
Web based remote controls on Hack-n-Mod.
In Defense of Erotica on Redlines and Deadlines.
Storyfix's article on writing Short Stories.
And EPBOT made me laugh though I have no need of her procrastination station. I so excel at that skill all on my own that I often do it without even trying.
Redlines and Deadlines had a link to some cool bookshelves.
I love #2 here of Guide to Literary Agents' 7 Things I've Learned so Far by Colin Falconer

Some links I'll need to go back and read more on later.
Prey. Software to track down your computer if it gets stolen.
A brand new Firefox. Student specific Ubuntu to use on older computers.

Wishing you all a great weekend and some fun procrastination time following all sorts of links. (Did you notice I'm not the only blog who posts links on Fridays? Oddly, I hadn't until after I started doing it.)