Monday, October 4, 2010

Exciting News!

(Admittedly, from someone who gets ridiculously excited over ridiculously simple ideas.)

Today I have discovered that headbands can be made from knee-high socks with really bad color-change areas that take away the stretchy in ways that leave any legs inside them looking like lumpy poorly stuffed sausages -- and then later when you have no choice but to take them off or lose your feet -- like red-striped zebra legs.

Hooray! (For the headband making, not the previously mentioned potential loss of feet.)


  1. You seem shocked by your own discovery!

  2. I'm shocked it fits around my head. But the sock thickness.... width? works well with the bangs I'm trying to grow out which are still too short for ponytails and try to escape all sorts of confinement.

    And I'm thrilled to make use of Halloween socks I shouldn't have bought but were soooooo cute with their Frankenstein faces, then turned out to be unwearable. The black thigh-high socks with foot bones, leg bones and knee bones, and half a thigh bone is even cuter but just as unwearable. I haven't decided if a bone wrapped head will be as cute as a Frankenstein wrapped head -- especially since I'll have to cut off the foot bones to make it work.

    We there went looking for cute costume stockings, but I don't think I'll ever be able to buy Spencer's socks again. I know my legs aren't exactly thin, but I'm not sure these would work for anyone except the unhealthily thin.

  3. Ref: unhealthily thin. Since I live in a college town, I see a lot of unhealthily thin. There are stores that cater almost exclusively to them. One store in the mall sells nothing over size 4. 0_0

  4. I live in a college town too. UF. With the Gator Worship. :)

    And we have a lot of those extra thin girls too. Not having been to the university in a while, except to pick up Hubby from work, I'd forgotten. And Spencer's is at the Mall which is somewhat focused that direction. I suppose I should have guessed they wouldn't fit before I bought them. But I love knee-high socks. I wear them all winter long.