Thursday, September 30, 2010

Busy Week

Getting ready.


Recovery. Exhaustion.

Even in September, Orlando is freakin' hot. Also we got rained on.


So we got to drive home soaked.

It was fun though. And, neat things about being with someone from college on, discovering so much of the world together...

I load Little Boy onto his horse and look around -- what will I do for the ride? Bench? Horse? Which horse? -- and Husband catches my attention and pats the horse next to him, saying, "I got your horse right here. --snort--  His name is Paul Revere..."

I, of course, reply, "--mumble, mumble-- that if the weather's clear, the guy says the horse can do."

Hubby: Can do.

Me: Can do.

Guys and Dolls, if you don't recognize it.

Years ago, when people still went to video stores to rent VCR tapes, we decided to watch old bargain movies for $1/week rather than $4/night.

Do you remember "Be kind, Rewind?"

We watched and loved Guys and Dolls and Casablanca. "Are my eyes really brown?" --snort-- We now have both of them on dvd. (We will remember dvd fondly when all movies get purchased online and transferred to our giant dvr hard drive. We will also look fondly on the ease of buying and transferring in my dream future.)

But it is fun to have that shared bit of knowledge. Though he didn't recognize my song later when he asked if I'd ride with him on the Buzz Lightyear ride and I replied "I'll ride with you if you can get me to the border." Hint: The sheriff's after me for what I did to his daughter.

I suppose 80s white dudes rap doesn't have the staying power of a musical from 1955. It was an excellent musical. Amusingly (to me, at least), the Beastie Boys song is titled "Paul Revere."

I also finished my sister's Halloween costume. Pictures next week when, hopefully, I have finished mine. What's that you say? I pretend, occasionally, to be a writer? Yeah, that's how I feel sometimes too. But even without accomplishing words, it's been a good week. Yours?


  1. It's been an okay week for me. If I ever want to stop my husband dead in his tracks, I only have to start at any line in "Paul Revere" and he must finish the song from there. At the speed of light. Just like Cartman.

  2. Oh, that sounds fun!

    Mine doesn't have any songs he has to finish, but sing any line from Dr. Horrible or the musical commentary and he'll be singing it the rest of the day. --There are radio songs he'll do that with too, but they're random and I can't always figure out which one will work.