Monday, July 12, 2010

Sanctuary: Part Two

So I watched it.

--I know, I'm late today. We had a busy morning and I did not plan ahead enough to type it up last night for posting this morning. I occasionally do that when I know I have something I want to say, but worry I won't be able to get to it. Today, I'm writing because I want to write something down, get something out there, and not fall into the falling behind trap where you fall so far behind you just don't get back to it. I'm not really there, but where I am now, without a real plan or a real goal to keep me going, I could get there very quickly -- and I like the people I've met through my blog so I don't want to lose you all.

Anyway, back to Sanctuary. So fiercely defended by Greg, and so quickly watched by me.

--Princess Froglips taught me how to crochet, so I spent a good while crocheting so I could root the technique firmly enough not to lose it. I now know how to chain, single crochet and double crochet. Three whole stitches, so cosmopolitan. But while I crochet or knit or do hand-sewing, the little hand tasks that require time but not noisy machines or too much brainpower, I watch television. (So much love for Netflix Instant, but I think I've said that before.)

How long did I crochet, you ask? Two Sanctuary seasons worth. Oh, and through the 1934 movie "It Happened One Night". I also started "Henry Poole Is Here" and "ControlAltDelete" but couldn't get past twenty minutes in either of them. What did I get out of all that time? A lap blanket almost 3 feet by 3 feet. Yes, it's a little small but I ran out of yarn. Yarn I'd gotten from a friend whose aunt had cleaned out her cupboard so I can't get more. Sigh. Maybe Little Girl can use it for her dolls.

But Sanctuary....


I still don't like it. I do like Tesla and Druitt, but they're not on nearly enough. Blonde fighter girl died so I don't have to deal with the dumb fighter chick coming raised by smart scientist disconnect anymore. Her Indian replacement is better. And the tech guy is okay. But Will? (He's the main guy, right? Like the ex-police woman from Torchwood, the normal introducing us to the world of the weird?) Will. I hate to say this in case you watch and haven't noticed this yet because after I say it -- you'll notice. You'll notice every five minutes and you'll want to fling things at the television. (skip the next paragraph if you don't want to know.)

I am so tired of seeing his bottom teeth! Most people have expressions showing their upper teeth. Smiles, or surprise with a loose circle and maybe the bottoms of the top teeth visible. He juts his bottom jaw forward and draws his bottom lip down. I think it's supposed to be shock or horror, or maybe a little of both, but it's his go-to expression. Constantly. Teeth.

He has the orphan issue, but is otherwise pretty bland. As is Magnus. She's got a long history, but no driving motivation. People who do nothing but work, who have no sense of fun, tend to be less interesting even if they are the best people in the world. Even if they spend their every moment in humanitarian efforts. Also, she has a twenty year old daughter with a man she's pissed at for being Jack the Ripper -- in 1888? Her dad (also part of these experiments?) showed up for a little bit then disappeared -- maybe I wondered off? Or got distracted fixing a yarn tangle? I can't remember what happened to him. Sadly, I didn't even realize that until just now when I was writing it all down.

The problem is that, for me, it's the people I follow and the interesting people in this show aren't on enough. In Fringe, the main character is the most bland, but the supporting characters of the mad scientist and his stolen son catch my attention -- and they're there every episode -- so I keep watching. With this one, the main character that is in every episode has a personal tick that really bothers me.

I'll still probably watch season three when it hits Netflix Instant. If I have a project. Because I do like Tesla and Druitt. But it's not a story that draws me, that I have to follow because I have to know what happens next.

Are there shows or books you follow for one interesting character that isn't the main one? I'd love to hear about it. (Or feel free to show your support for Sanctuary or tell me which parts I need to catch in season three).


  1. I wouldn't say fiercely. Maybe vigorously. I agree that will is weak. I don't suppose you have gotten through Kali yet? I think it just aired so might not be on instant yet. Druitt seriously rocks and Tesla makes a great vamp. I would like to see more of the were side of Mr Tech but generally I would have to say that the world interests me more than the people. Thanks for giving it another go.

  2. Netflix does it by season, like it would come out on dvd, so... Yes, I've gotten through the Kali episodes.

    Does that mean I'm all caught up?

    Also, only just realized that now even Will isn't normal anymore.... You know, I'm not remembering how it ends. I know Will does the dance and he's accepted, then the other guy trying to take over Sanctuary again says to go ahead and set off the depth charge.... Was it a cliffhanger ending or did I zone again?