Saturday, July 10, 2010

Coins! Or tokens, really.

I found the neatest tokens when I was garage saling today. Here, I pictured the front and back for each of them...

Fun, aren't they?

My other find is a book called "Costumes and Styles: The Evolution of Fashion from Early Egypt to the Present with 700 Individual Pictures in Full Colour"

Copyright 1956, with the Twentieth Century section listed as 1900-1954.

Such coolness.

I did not get the pile of ancient keys for $20, but it was a little bit tempting. So glad Princess Froglips was able to go with me today.


  1. I love "clean fun with good clean girls; bath must be taken before entering rooms."

  2. I found something similar with my metal detector which I use to find valuable things like your coins. I don't sell them.