Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tell-All Tuesday

So I got a rejection this week. I know, not the first, won't be the last, and I'm not supposed to grouse about them because it makes me look bad, but I'm going to anyway. Just a little.

I sent a short story off to a magazine I subscribe to. A few weeks afterward I get a renewal notice along with a letter telling me they're having financial difficulties and to help them, please renew now rather than later. Reasonable. And I've enjoyed the magazine so I send a check for another year or two. (Hey, it was at least three weeks ago, I can't remember that far back!) Then , another few weeks later I get a self-addressed stamped envelope back and I'm thinking -- okay, here it is, a rejection. Sigh and sadness. But I open it up and find an obviously much-photocopied form letter inside about how they've asked their subscribers to step up and help with their financial troubles and they have, but not enough. Please renew my subscription early.

So I stare at the letter in confusion. I look at the envelope again. Yep, my handwriting and my stamp. I look at the plea for money again. Nope, nothing about my story. Confused, I set it aside to go through the rest of the mail and notice a tiny blue paper on top folded in quarters, making it about the size of ... oh... a votive candle. And that's my form rejection.

Does this seem wrong to anyone else? As a subscriber, certainly send me the renewal form early. Certainly tell me you're having trouble and need certain subscriptions in order to be able to budget effectively. As someone looking for a job (temporary as it might be) telling me you're having budget issues and -- effectively-- calling collect in order to do it seems wrong.

So, yeah, that happened.

On the what have I accomplished side of things, I've been having some troubles. I now have three short stories started alongside the longer work that is currently on my to-do list. I'm getting plenty of new ideas, but am having trouble pushing through the old ideas.

I have finished one pair of knitted socks (that might have been last week), a crochet washcloth and most of a (very tiny) blanket. I made three "solid color collared shirts" because our county school board voted in "uniforms" of a sort and everything my little girl has worn up to this point has prints or trim, something to make it unacceptable in the new year. (You may read in all sorts of anger and hatred of our school board here, because I've certainly thought it.) We put pretty buttons on the shirts we made though, so hopefully that's acceptable. Glarg.

But in writing, really, I haven't accomplished much at all. Troubles deciding which job is my main job. Mommy or writer. Sometimes there isn't time for both.

Better weeks for the rest of you? Thoughts?


  1. I feel you. sometimes I feel like I have split myself so many ways that I don't know how to piece me back together.
    When I am able to write I feel like I'm doing it on the fly!

  2. I've been doing more reading about writing lately than actually writing. When I took the children to the local library branch the other day, I picked up everything on their writing shelf that looked like it could be even half interesting and brought them all home. Now I have six books that I can pretend equal progress in writing even without a word count increase.

    Wishing you all the focus I'm currently lacking.


  3. I am right there with you! Toddler wants me to play and BE a mom, I'm sure Daddy would at least appreciate a cleaner home if not a more communicative wife and in the meanwhile, I'm thinking about whether or not I can really justify secluding myself for the next Nanowrimo when I don't have a novel idea! Geesh.

  4. And you have to start plotting now too so you have a framework in November. (I didn't make it last nano -- I ran out of plot a little too early on my first plan ahead story).

    I tried making a schedule with 'quiet time' for them equaling writing time for me, but it hasn't worked yet. Apparently when I say quiet time they hear 'the time to let every problem you have with your sibling come to a head -- with lots of whining and screaming.'

    So... I guess what that really means is that I haven't figured it out either. Let me know if you get there before I do.

  5. That does seem wrong. I like the comparison to calling collect. I think someone just really screwed up there.

  6. Thank you. It felt a little off but I wasn't sure if it was just me taking it personally when I shouldn't have.