Friday, July 9, 2010

It's Friday, Friday....

That's actually a bigger deal for people who go to work during typical business hours. My primary job (Mommy) has no quitting time, so it's less exciting for me. I do enjoy Hubby home times though. And the children go to MIL's house on Friday nights. If I didn't dislike people so much (especially really young loud people like you'll find in most restaurants in a college town on a Friday night) it would be a great date night. Instead we stay in, and occasionally invite others over for games. Tonight there will be people over.

But that wasn't my point today. Or at least not where I was originally going with this. Today, I link to other fun stuff online.

This place, for instance. I must find a way to put that in a story. Let me know if you get there before I do. I'd hate to overdo it.

Then there is a YA book that I'm actually tempted to find. And a Dinosaur Comic about acting human. And have I told you about Skullcrusher Mountain? Listen to it twice and you'll be singing it everywhere. And that's another song people will look at your funny for singing in public. It's not purposeful, but those are always the type that stick in my head. The worst that I will always remember is when Cardigans was in the car player and I wandered the Nursery (plants) singing Heartbreaker softly until I noticed people staring at me and had to feel my way through the lyrics to realize I'd just sung "Vacant and Free/ That's me/ Just tell me how and I'll please you for free..."

At least I had no problem getting the guy who worked there to help me after that.

Anyway, have a great weekend, everyone.


  1. Oh, so THAT'S how to get help in a store. I'll have to try that next time I'm in Home Depot. I can't ever find an assistant in there.

  2. It is a good way to get help. Most of the Cardigans songs work too. Dr. Horrible and Skullcrusher Mountain are great songs for getting people to leave you alone.

    Also, for Home Depot particularly, wearing shirts that show a little cleavage like v-neck t's, and trying to lift large things yourself. --Greg, don't try this, it will not work for you.