Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Here we go again

The goals are....
  • Submit 12 short stories somewhere in a vaguely 1/month pattern.
  • Finish one of my four current longer stories. Magic Moon, Half-Demonized, A Penny Saved, or Ever and Ever
  • Re-re-re-edit Seeing Zombies
  • Have one of those five long stories ready for submitting by December.
  • Choose one non-writing skill to practice/become certified/proficient in - possibly tech or library-related. Possibly lockpicking.
The accomplisments are...

  • Six short stories submitted, or three short stories with six total submissions. I think that's OK. That puts me back on the vaguely 1/month pattern.
  • I've been working on Magic Moon again. With new ideas. Better ideas.
  • Still having new thoughts about Seeing Zombies, but I haven't opened it yet this year. I might take it off the list since I'm purposely putting it off till last.
  • This goal is a real possibility as long as I stick to one story at a time and really keep going.
  • I have been reading books about concrete art and creating with concrete. Does this count? Why concrete? I don't know! I have trouble sticking to one craft. This can be proven by the fact that I have part of a knit sweater and the foot part of a single knit sock sitting next to my chair. I have most of a fleece jacket lying across my sewing machine but I was unhappy with the sleeves and I need to pull them off to try again -- and I have five bags of concrete on the back porch and a wire mesh form for a mushroom table. The wire mesh form isn't great or even close to really round, but mushrooms aren't perfect either, right? As long as I eventually figure out concrete it should work. Right? Otherwise it will be a very difficult partial project to throw away. Must remember to be sure it is not too large to be removed from the back porch once concrete has been added.
Anyway, that's where I am. And Little Boy just ran to the potty on his own. Hooray! Overall, things appear to be going well.

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