Saturday, June 12, 2010

I got stuff! And watched stuff.

Today, I picked up a book called The BFG.

It does not seem to mean the same thing here as it meant the last time I heard it, many years ago.

I love garage saling for books. The kids made out this weekend. They got 

Pirates Don't Wear Pink Sunglasses.
Mr. Popper's Penguins
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (I know, it will be a few years before the 7 year old can read it, but hopefully she will when she can.)
Snakes: Long, Longer, Longest
Brushing Your Teeth Can Be Fun
Junie B, First Grader, Cheater Pants
Caps for Sale
I Invited a Dragon to Dinner

They sound so fun! And several of them were on Little Girl's summer reading list.)

I also got one for weirdness sake.
Deal With It: a whole new approach to your body, brain, and life as a gurl
from the creators of

Also, watching old (little bit) scary movies with Hubby. (Hopefully only little bit because I don't deal well with really scary.) We watched Skeptic and White Noise 2 -- and the end of Doomsday, since he was watching it when I got home. There has been much eye-rolling. Even Nathan Fillion isn't saving White Noise 2. --We're only nearly at the end. He's going to have to start killing people soon and I can't help but wonder -- why do the doctors get away with saving people if the near-death survivors can't?

If it is, as my husband suggests, that the doctors don't see the white glowiness of people marked for death and  that the people they're saving were meant to be saved -- I have to say that seems awfully pissy of the dieties. To punish all these other people due to a flaw in the design (the saved people go on a murder spree exactly three days later).

Even so, I'd save people if I could. Can you imagine the psychological torture it would be to see death happening all around you and not, say, try to pull the old guy off the train tracks before he got hit? But now that he has glow-vision he's not allowed to save people any more. (Also suddenly he sees people on the verge of death multiple times each day and I mean dying in ways normal people can stop -- like the lady getting a beat down in a parking garage.) It makes no sense -- unless the whole point of the movie is to create an excuse for not helping others. In which case it makes perfect sense.

My tendency to ask this type of question all through the three movies might have ruined my husband's movie watching experience. Or maybe it was the movies. Now we only have one Netflix dvd left. Another horror and I refuse to have it playing any room that I'm in. Or might walk through.

The commercials were bad enough.

How bad is it that I opened new tab and went to Netflix queue rather than walk across the room to read the label?

It's Drag Me to Hell and I'm sure that I'll have nightmares forever if I see that old lady crawl across the ceiling one more time. Little Girl requested Little Pony, so that's coming next.

Sadly enough, I have no idea of what to put in or move to the top of the queue to have movies we can share or that I'll enjoy. Suggestions?

Some of my favorites are Serenity, Dr. Horrible, Mystery Men, Men in Black, Sixth Sense (oh, I got Three Amigos from a garage sale this weekend!), An Ideal Husband, Big Trouble in Little China, The Ref, Men in Tights -- okay, mostly comedies with a little action thrown in -- but not Napolean Dynamite or any American Pie after the first one (they were supposed to be comedies, right?).

I know. A Team. It's still in the movie theaters not dvd, and we will go watch it, but I'm really hoping someone will suggest things for the dvd queue!



  1. I'm not sure. Wild Wild West? Hancock? Both Will Smith movies, both action/funny. Army of Darkness. It's not scary, and it's Bruce Campbell. Campy as hell. I seem to remember 48 hrs and the Beverly Hills Copy movies having lots of funny with their action. Independence Day. Damn, I can't think of anything new except for Kick Ass.

  2. Really enjoyed Wild Wild West. Hancock seemed to be lacking a little something. Interesting, but not great, and I can't point to exactly why.

    Army of Darkness. Love it! I watched it either when it came out or not long after and quickly became a Bruce Campbell fangirl. (I've even read Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way and If Chins Could Kill.)

    48 Hours and Beverly Hills Cops. I haven't watched either of those since my teen years. I'll add them to the queue to rewatch. (I just went through Fletch again too.) I haven't watched DieHard in forever either -- and I think I listened to the reviews and didn't watch any sequels. I wonder if they're worth running through....

    I need Joss Whedon to get on the ball and create something new. :)

  3. Hey there, I'm playing catch up again. I have a suggestion for your queue: Disney's The Three Musketeers - Oliver Platt is in it. ^_^

    Oh what about Ferris Bueller's Day Off (starring Matthew Broderick)? that's a funny one. For more Sci-Fi Fantasy films, what about Legend with Tom Cruise, Labyrinth with David Bowie, or Willow with Val Kilmer. I'd suggest the Mel Brooks' film, Spaceballs, however I don't remember you being a Star Wars fan and it's a spoof on sci-fi movies (mostly Star Wars). You could try Mel Brooks' other films like: Young Frankestein, The Producers, Blazing Saddles, or Silent Movie. All of those are pretty funny, in my opinion.

    I don't know if you like musical movies at all? You could try those too. I love older musical movies with Gene Kelly, Danny Kaye, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Dean Martin, and James Cagney.

  4. Lori, wonderful suggestions, but being somewhat quirky I have seen all of these. Maybe not the Tom Cruise one, but he's one of those actors I'm not excited about.

    Older movies... Don't forget Abbot and Costello. I haven't seen all of the older ones, the ones made before I was born, but I do love Danny Kaye. The Inspector General, excellent movie.

    Which reminds me, I promised Hubby I'd get tickets for Noises Off at the Constans Theatre for his father's day present. Let's see... buy the tickets and beg for babysitting or find babysitting and order tickets around that?

    If you haven't seen it in movie form, it had Christopher Reeve in it and it's definitely worth the time.