Saturday, May 1, 2010


Today, at a garage sale, I got my own riot shield!

"Why would we need a riot shield?" Asks Shortsighted Hubby.

"So we will be invited to all the best riots, of course."

Sooooo, now you know. If you ever plan a riot. I have a shield!

Don't I look scary?

I was trying to look scary.

Maybe it would look more scary if you saw the calf-length skirt and the eyelet knee-socks I was wearing with it.

Maybe I need to work on scary.


  1. Paint a smiley face on the front. Then you will be truly terrifying.

  2. Spray paint it gold with one of your favorite green dragons on it. A medieval riot shield! Tee hee! ^_^

  3. For painting, I'm tempted to make use of the transparency, paint cleavage on the front and see how many guys I can convince to hold it for pictures. Or is that too weird?

    Nah, can't be any weirder than buying a riot shield at a garage sale.