Monday, May 3, 2010

Hey, It's Florida!

My Mother-In-Law went to the beach this weekend and invited us up for the night so we went late Saturday to stay over and early Sunday to the beach. In the afternoon we went to St. Augustine and the pictures we took from the ancient Spanish fort are what I think people picture when they think of Florida.

Not that it's all like that -- we're central Florida, so we're a 2-hour drive from the beach to the east or west and 6 hours from the south. We don't often see boats except when they're being towed down the highway....

But St. Augustine was nice. Since the sun and I have issues (I will be bright red and whimpering for a few days) and sunblock and I have issues -- it's all painful and stingy when I put it on, except the Olay Regenerist, which costs gobs and I couldn't find for this trip and the stuff that's been in my purse for the last two years looked all weird and curdled -- Anyway, my point was that I haven't been to the beach or St. Augustine in probably fifteen years. Since Hubby and I first started dating and he used it as an excuse to get me into a bikini, I think.

And it was fun. We didn't have much time there, an afternoon only, but we went in a horse-drawn carriage ride where we drove through all the oldest parts of the city and I took pictures of lots of ancient doors -- because I think I want to set one of my stories there, but I'm not sure exactly where and a big part of it will be a doorway to Hell that has been there for a few hundred years. (Unfortunately most of the old fancy doors I took pictures of were on churches, and they might not approve of me setting that kind of door there.) 



Most of these pictures were taken from the back of the carriage -- often as we were moving, so they're not framed beautifully, but they're all very amazing doors. Excellent, amazing doors. I love them. Now I wonder if I could find some amazing doors closer to home. --Difficult when I don't like going outside, but maybe, when I get back from Chicago, I'll have to look around for some.

Oh, and one last thought...

Since we drove out at night, we got to see this bull -- on top of a building, and animatronic, I'm guessing -- at night. 

It's eyes glowed red.

The cow, on top of the building, had red glowing eyes at night. I couldn't get the camera out fast enough that night, and I was already getting carsick so we didn't stop for a photo -- but -- well, weird.


  1. Sounds like the beginning of new paranormal romance! I don't think werecattle have been done yet...

  2. Oh my :)

    Despite growing up so rural that I did once try to ride one -- on a dare -- I know nothing about cows. Well, very little, at least....

    Here, I've got it. Instead of sitting in the field all day looking so boring and brainless we feel okay eating them, they are out there thinking and if only we could speak to them they'd solve all the world's problems. And one day, the come up with.... werecattle.... to speak to us before we pollute the world away.