Thursday, April 29, 2010

Write, Write,Write!

This is for the everyone, even the non-writers. Most of you are at least readers and ...

Well, start by reading Any Potato Vodka in a Storm, and you'll understand. Or quoting the important bit, "I challenge you…Nay.  I COMMAND YOU, to write a fan letter, today. Right now. Look up the website of an author you adore and just do it. You never know when someone needs to hear it the most. You never know when YOU need to hear it the most."

Some anonymous someone stopped by the blog and said they liked Caretaker. It was nice. Yes, my family likes it. And the magazine liked it enough to publish it, but for them it's sort of their job. My family must love it because they don't like to see the big wet eyes or the quivery lip. The magazine pays me for it, so their praise (in form of money) is a little higher than the family. Their goal, however, is not to say nice things about my story, but to choose well enough, regularly enough to gain a following and make more money. But, for someone who doesn't get anything out of it to come over, out of the blue, to say they enjoyed it...

It really did make my day. And that was only the one.

And I have never ever written a fan letter in any form to anyone. I have gone off to find more books, more movies, more tv shows, by a specific person, but I've never told them. When I stop feeling so yucky, when I can stand up and wander the house to find my favorite book stash without feeling like I've suddenly joined a pirate crew (drunk and floating on a not-entirely-sea-worthy vessel) I plan to choose at least two authors (maybe more) and write some letters.

I challenge you to do the same.


  1. Good for you. I have also never written a fan letter, but I've met some of my favorite authors in person. It was thrilling to tell them how much I like their creations, and to see their eyes light up when I did.

  2. That's got to be even better. I haven't met any of my favorite authors yet -- though I do like MaryJanice Davidson and was in one of her panels at DragonCon that one year we went there. She was funny. I did not wait out the giant line afterward though and am too horrible with faces to have noticed people in elevators like Hubby did the television/movie people he ended up chatting with. Sigh. Someday.