Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Haz Sick!

I want to fall to my knees and yell it in that melodramatic way Wolverine screamed "NOOOOOoooooo" in -- was it all of the X-Men movies and his own movie, or did it just feel like that? -- but something way less likely to be repeated at parties. You know, like when your chip breaks off in the public dip bowl and you fall to your knees and fling your arms to the heavens to scream it out?

But this time it's something much less fun. You know, like Wolverine and his many dead people. (Really, we didn't mean to laugh. It's only because we don't know how to deal with people who show their emotions like that.)

And immediately afterward I'd have to fling my arms back into the air and add "AGAIN!" because I've been sick over and over this year. I'm not sure if it's a stomach bug this time -- because yesterday I spent most of my time vomiting -- or if it's a headcold -- because I've managed to spend a few minutes this morning without trying to force my guts out through my throat, but if the ocean in my head keeps swishing around like this, I'm not entirely sure that will last.

But last Friday I finished a short story, and on Monday I went back and edited, then submitted. Finally part of my new year's resolutions/goals complete.

One short story written and submitted.

Only four more to go before I've caught up with the one per month thing I wanted to do.

I'm finding Werewolf Hunter Red a little difficult and am vaguely considering writing it as a novel instead of a short -- which occasionally makes it easier since I don't have to force everything into such a small space. I'm not sure. I've left it sit for a while so I'll go back when I'm better and try again. Maybe see if I can plot out enough action to get to novel length  and if that will let me stretch out the emotional scenes a little and keep if from feeling forced.

Here's hoping the rest of you managed to avoid this miserable cold and that your projects are going better than mine!


  1. Have you been to a doctor about your recurring illness? Whatever it is, I hope you feel better soon.

    I, too, am about to submit. Here's wishing both of us luck!

  2. I have 4 doctors now. (Doesn't that sound special?) The hematologist for the pulmonary embolism after-effects and to be sure it doesn't happen again. The GI specialist for the bloating. An ENT doctor for the constant sore throat (which she blames on the gastropareisis and sends me back to the GI specialist) and the General Practioner who's file on me is way more thick than it should be, but mostly it seems to be bad genes.

    And bad genes that didn't show up until my mid-thirties after I passed them on to two children.

    Or maybe part of my unpleasant childhood. Apparently, IBS is often linked to a stressful and occasionally malnourished childhood. Not enough to cause/effect but for strong correlations. And those seem to weaken my immune system so if a new cold or flu even looks my way I'm down for a week now. This time it feels like just a cold. I started throwing up an hour after Little Boy. He shook his off in a little more than half a day. I called Hubby home for a nap today, but I'm up again, feeling a little better. Tomorrow I should be back to normal (fingers crossed, knock on wood, whatever superstition-created sign works best here).

    Much luck on your story. Hoping for more than acceptance for you. Hoping for thrilled excited pleading to be allowed to publish you. :)