Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Spring Break for Little Girl

Today, having lunch with the children, I was considering the relativity of time. Little Girl is always so anxious for the next holiday immediately after the last one ended. (Little Boy is fixated specifically on Halloween despite the fact that he's currently pulling chocolate out of his easter basket dressed like Superman -- or maybe because of that.)

Months, to them, are so long.

For me, New Year's was only a few days ago, when suddenly it's April. Four months into 2010. Ten years past the Y2K terror, which I also remember. And the older you get, the fewer hours there seem to be in each day. Already, it's 3:30. Another hour and a half and Husband comes home.

Then he can deal with the children who aren't used to having whole days where they have to work together and be nice to one another anymore. The fights increase exponentially during school holidays (no wonder parents send children to summer camps) and today was already bad. Tomorrow can't help but be worse.

By Friday my forehead will have developed a permanent bruise from all the times I will have beat it against the wall. (Alright, that part may be partially due to my doctors and my lack of writing discipline, but still...).

And I will surely think that the week has gone by too quickly.(She's nearly old enough to be finished with alternate car seat options, ready to be buckled straight in).

While Little Girl thinks it lasted forever.

But then we have Summer Vacation to look forward to.

Two whole months of the two of them together all day every day.

I need a nap.

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