Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What Would CSI Find at YOUR House?

This morning, as I took the spiked leather wrist-cuff/half-glove thing (I found it at a garage sale a week or two ago -- Hooray, score!) away from Little Boy and stuffed it into my lingerie drawer to hide it from him (he wore it for the fun of it, which was fine, until he bopped his sister with it for trying to take it from him -- spiked bops are not OK) I wondered what impression the crime scene investigators would take from my house if they ever had need to come. (fingers crossed, knock on wood, turn three times in a circle, please no).

I mostly feel like the typical boring home-mommy (Is anyone ever a typical boring anything?), but we definitely have the geek thing going on. Three computer boxes sit on the floor of the study, unused, waiting for me to get together the energy (gumption, get-up-and-go) to decide whether I'm going to create a household server. And there are two large desks in the study. One holds Hubby's desktop. The other has a Linux box installed with Qimo, the kid's OS, and a laptop Hubby brought home from a surplus that we put Windows on so Little Girl's Christmas Dora doesn't have to sit on Hubby's desk and glow at him. My laptop sits on a little desk in the corner of the living room or on the floor next to my usual chair.

In the department of excess tech, we have the cheapy color printer in the study next to the kid's computers and the cheapy b/w laser in the living room on under the side-table next to my chair.

Boy-child and Girl-child both sleep in the same room (at their request), and the room that was to have been his has been turned into a playroom where they keep most of their toys.

In the closet where I keep costumes or supplies/props for future costumes I have a molded leather breastplate and a sword nearly as tall as I am, a wood-handled cap-gun that screams pirate, and a giant pink crinoline from the Halloween when Princess Froglips and I did a Steampunk Burlesque -- she and Mel did much better at pulling together the whole Steampunk image, mine was a little off.

But I did the Burlesque bit reasonably well. -- which brings up the tassels they'd find somewhere (I do not currently know where they are).

But if they came in expecting the typical home for a technically-unemployed woman with two children, and a cable-monkey Husband, would they be surprised?

Would they be surprised at your house?


  1. I think they'd always be a little amused at the doodads that make up a life. I'd probably just keep repeating, "I do theater," or something and hope that covered all my bases.

  2. Theater may be an explanation all on its own. People expect "those people" to be a little weird. Like tech people. Or rpg people -- thought I think computer rpgs have become mainstream in the last few years.

    In the CSI shows it all fits into the puzzle somewhere though. A spiked glove in the lingerie drawer wouldn't mean I was hiding it to keep the kids from using it as a weapon, it would mean I was in to S&M -- and that would mean I was probably having an affair (because most of the victims do seem to be -- but then that does give them a reason or an extra reason for the murder.)

    Oh, and for more confusing, theres an antique mandolin on top of that dresser in the bedroom -- one more thing the children were not being as careful with as they should have been.

    --I should probably get out and do some theater so I have an excuse.

  3. Heh. Well, I don't actually do theater, so I'd be lying. And that lie would somehow be the thing that convicts me.