Friday, April 2, 2010

Blood Splatter, Tech Knitting, etc.

Let's talk about Splatter! Blood Splatter. Read the article. It's better than trying it yourself -- well, better for your friends and family (and pets), that is.

And Knitty's coolest knitting project! The Know it All bag. You knit in a programmable electronic chart! I drool so much. Right now I'm a few inches in on a sock and (separately) a sweater. But the sweater uses a chart so though I started that one first, it's not particularly portable, and the socks are going faster.

And an io9 article that tells me exactly what I'm doing wrong with my stories. I noticed it with FlashForward, as mentioned in the article, that it had an interesting idea but somehow I still just didn't care. It is (and I am) missing the "f&*k, yeah" moment. You can tell it's a great moment when I remember and think it again as I read their description of a scene -- Rorschach, "I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with me." I hated Watchmen (or at least disliked it), but I loved Rorschach. So glad to watch him in Human Target now even if we do have to watch the guy we dubbed "Ken Doll" back during Boston Legal to see him. Ken Doll may be getting better though. He still needs his own moment. They're trying with the dark history....


I get distracted.

You may also watch Nathan Fillion being adorable. As usual.

And the moving picture my sister sent me. Knowing I usually dislike when my computer makes sounds at me, she's very careful about what she sends. For this one, I have to repeat the end-blurb. What did that blow-up doll ever do to him?

Last, but not least, an ancient video that had been missed by a geek friend I would have expected to have seen it ten years ago. Alien, I Will Survive.

Have a great weekend.

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