Friday, January 15, 2010

The Brain Boggles

Star Wars Burlesque. With Jabba. And CP3O. Really, is there anything I could possibly add to that?

And just because I always like learning these things, movie improvisations that worked. Actually caring about movies and how they are made is more my husband's thing, but I like seeing creative people be creative so it's sort of neat to see people putting their own touches on the work of others and making it more what they wanted than they knew how to get to on their own.

And a practical page I want to read later. I should already know all this from the classes I took in library school, but tech doesn't seem to stick in my brain unless I'm using it daily -- which I most assuredly am not as a home-mommy and wannabe-writer. (I have an old ancient computer in the other room that I've been planning to use to learn Linux and create a server with automatic backups for both mine and hubby's computers, but that seems to be the easiest thing in the world to put off. Everything takes priority over that, though I'll regret it if anything happens to either of our harddrives before we start making backups. -- Right now it's particularly easy to put off since the room it's in is the coldest in the house.)

Luck to all of you in getting to do both your chores and your preferred activities this weekend!

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