Monday, January 18, 2010

Holy Cow, It's Monday.

I'm supposed to write something on Mondays. Well, here goes.

I was just reading Janet Reid aloud to my husband as she discusses showing, not telling -- a big thing on agent and writing blogs, and for good reason. As I finished reading, he goes somewhere I didn't expect and says, "That's why I hate voice-overs."

And that, also, is so very true. For both of us. We groan aloud when we hear one and get that Netflix envelope ready for when we completely give up on that one. It's done best in How I Met Your Mother but occasionally annoying, even there, even when it has real purpose beyond over-explanation.

Anyway, if it sounds like a voice-over, rewrite. (Advice for me to follow too.) And if you're out there making movies or tv shows with voice-overs, please think about it. Is there any other way to get this information across -- without treating me like I'm an infant that needs everything explained bit by bit in excruciating detail?

Happy Holiday everyone!

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