Thursday, January 14, 2010

Because You Might Like to Know What a Genius I Am.

Running the dishwasher today, I watched in fascination as the drain cycle backed up into the kitchen sink. Then the dirty water all slipped away --- draining onto the kitchen floor.

I run for towels (thankfully we had some unfolded towels fresh-ish from the drier that the dog had been sleeping on and I was unsure of actually folding and putting away after watching her chew her butt while sitting on one) and toss them all over the floor. They were perfect for soaking up dirty dishwater.

Now, here's where my genius comes in. When Little Boy comes into the kitchen and starts jumping from towel to towel in a way I'm thinking is probably not very safe I grab sodden towels from the floor and YES, OF COURSE, toss them into the kitchen sink.

And then I squished them to make them slightly less soaked, only belatedly watching to see if the water dribble back out onto the floor. (I'm not sure, it was already pretty wet.)

I am currently all out of clean and even semi-clean towels.

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