Monday, December 14, 2009

Just so you know

This is my normal stomach. I swear there is a difference. Right now we're talking IBS, which is annoying because instead of trying to find something wrong and fix it, they say things like -- this happens to a lot of women. You'll probably just have to learn to live with it.

You know, instead of looking for a problem. Because often they can't find the problem, they don't bother to look any more. What if I do have something wrong that they're not fixing because they've already decided it's an issue with no visible cause? It sucks.

Other than that, we have the Christmas tree up. We have convinced the three year old that Christmas presents do not get unwrapped till Christmas -- several do have slightly torn paper, however, from this training process. We have the excellent Christmas present from my sister mounted on the wall (the tv you see behind me in the pictures -- no she's not usually that extravagant and she excuses this splurge on the basis that she doesn't have cable so we tivo everything and she comes over twice a week to watch tv here).

And we started the cookie-baking. Husband's family recipe for Monster Cookies has been followed. Now for Chocolate Chip and my family recipe for Aunt Angeline cookies. (I need to get Allan that recipe to put on his cookie page.)

We have most of our shopping done, just a few people left, and those we know what we want to get for them, we just have to get out of the house and buy it. Christmas is really truly on its way.

And I have learned -- or been reminded, really -- that walking on the treadmill in shoes without socks is a bad idea. Even if I can wear these shoes all day without any problems, there's something different about treadmill time -- I walk faster, maybe? But now I have blisters on both heels.

So that's the message of the day. Merry Christmas and wear socks.


  1. Socks. Love socks. ;D I wanted to let you know I didn't forget about the cookie dough quandary! I asked my sister-in-law guru of all things celiac-related and she tells me all doughy things pretty much suck. However, you can get inventive with certain flours and come up with some better results. Don't use rice flour on anything that's meant to be fluffy. It doesn't work. You can use corn and you can use a combination of flours. She said quinoa-based flour is not too bad. She also said most noodle stuff is not too good, either, but for spaghetti she suggested using spaghettic squash and avoiding the noodles altogether. I also like gnocchi. :) Good luck with the tummy issues!

  2. I've found Bob's Red Mill mixes to be pretty good (if expensive) and Jane brought rice noodle lasagna once that was good (though Jane almost never makes anything that isn't -- I can remember once....)

    Thankfully, I seem to be able to eat regular food again, for now, on all these medicines. Hopefully it will last.