Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Random Writing Thursday again...

...and I'm writing random life instead of random short story.

I missed Character Sketch Tuesday and Where Am I Wednesday this week. Youngest child and I had gotten the most recent cold, so I snuggled him constantly for two days. It was sort of nice because he's not usually a snuggler and Oldest child turned all her snuggling energy to Daddy during the painfully-pregnant and the taking-care-of-infant times. But then, even sick, I don't do well spending the entire day under blanket watching Disney and Nickelodeon so despite enjoying the rare snuggle time we were both ready to get better.

We're not entirely there yet, but we're getting closer. I wonder if I could convince them to let me nap today. She's seven and he's three. They should be old enough for half an hour of unsupervised time when I'm still in the house, shouldn't they?

See my lack of creative energy as I ponder that one for half an hour, staring blankly at the screen and still coming up with nothing. I slept better last night than the night before but I can't seem to stop yawning and that makes me feel sleepy.

Must stay awake long enough to pick up Oldest Child from school. Must stay awake until husband gets home to watch the children. Must not climb into oven in search of warmth.

But I'm so cold.

Maybe I'm not entirely better yet?

Good luck to the rest of you in avoiding the seasonal sicknesses.

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