Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Faolan Cavanaugh -- A Character Sketch

His father was lying, but he didn't know why. He looked up at Da's worried expression. The thick silver bracelet was never his mother's. He doesn't know why he's so sure of this, but he is. But if Da thinks it's that important, of course he'll wear it. Da fastens it on and his head starts to feel funny and a little cloudy. Like he has a cold. Why does Da want him to have a cold?

As he lowers his arm it slides off. When his head clears he's sure it's something about his checkup, and the tests for school. And it's not just the bracelet, it's the story. No one will make a little boy take off his dead mother's bracelet and no matter how much Faolan wants to be a big boy he knows that's how all the grown-ups see him, as a little boy. Da is glad they do for now. But why?

"Just leave it on," Da says, fastening it around his wrist again hooking the fastener through one of the links this time instead of the clasp at the end. The fuzzy head comes back. "Get used to it tonight. I wouldn't ask you to do this if it wasn't important." Da sighed. He looked like he wanted to explain and Faolan waited, quietly, like a good boy, but Da shook his head. "I'll tell you when you're older. For right now, try to have fun. Why don't you go play until dinner."

Faolan nodded. Da always looked worried.

"Can you play with me? We could play Snakes and Ladders," Faolan offered. Da needed to play too.

"Just for a few minutes, then I have to start cooking." Da ruffled his hair and Faolan knew it couldn't be that bad if Da could still smile. And he'd help more when he was bigger, maybe when he was big enough he'd cook and Da could smile more.

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