Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Alfred Jameson - A Character Sketch

"Alf, Alf, Alf," Michael and Easton barked, as he walked by.

"Alfred." He growled under his breath, sure they couldn't hear him over their own noise. If they heard him, they'd get closer for their taunts and he'd never get to class. He felt the air frost around his fingers and worked harder at controlling his emotions. If any of the teachers saw him, he'd be in trouble and have to spend a whole week practicing after school. Mom wouldn't pick him up if he had to stay late, so then he'd have to walk eight miles home, and wouldn't have time to do homework. He'd just fought his way free of that cycle and had no interest in going back.

He pushed his way through the school's double doors. This school didn't have metal detectors like the normal school he'd gone to until he'd 'bloomed' with these new powers. Why bother with metal detectors when most students had enough magic to more damage without a weapon? Stepping into the building he felt his magic pushed down, dampened by the ritual spells cast over the building and he sighed in relief. No more angry accidents today.

"Oh, Alfie," Missy cajoled sweetly. "Can you reach that top shelf for me?"

How did her books keep getting on the top shelf if she couldn't reach them? Alfred nodded as Michael and Easton pushed through the door behind him. Missy turned away, hiding her face in her locker as Michael pushed by Alfred to wrap his arms around her. She didn't quite blush.

"You messin' with my girl, Alf?" Michael taunted, looking back. He must have been standing outside waiting for this to happen, but it didn't matter. Alfred couldn't get in trouble in the hall. He was the smaller kid, and Michael was known for picking fights. All he had to do was keep from using magic and he barely could inside the school.

Alfred must have let his confidence show on his face because suddenly Michael was pushing him. Twice, Alfred stumbled backward until he fell against the door.

"No," he yelped, trying hold himself inside the school as the door pushed open. Michael pushed one more time and he fell on the steps. He felt the cold frost around him, the air crackling.

"Alfred." Mr. Lambert snapped from the bottom of the steps. Alfred breathed in, feeling the ice coat his heart. He stood, calmly, as the air around him warmed.

"Yes, Mr. Lambert?"

"After school today." He barked, walking by. Not noticing anything or anyone else.

"Yes, Mr. Lambert."

Michael snickered, blocking the door as Alfred tried to move back inside. Alfred reached out, sure of his power for the first time. He touched Michael's chest, pushing him out of the way, as he walked by. Pushing ice into his chest.

Micheal gasped, falling backwards as Alfred walked by. Class started soon and Alfred refused to be late.

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