Friday, May 20, 2011

So Many Photos

This is the first in our series of Find the Person pictures.
Taken at Trinity Church.
In Badger's Caves -- under Blarney Castle
Some caves were even the right size for Mr. ManyEyes.
(He hid in my suitcase to avoid ticket prices.)
Mr. ManyEyes returns, looking a little nervous.
I wonder what he saw.
Sister demonstrates the typical bedroom size in an ancient castle.
I kiss the Blarney Stone while Mr. ManyEyes marvels at the height and
lack of safety features for size-challenged monsters.
Sister marvels at the height of buildings constructed entirely of stone.
I did not toss her into an oubliette.
She did not sacrifice me on the altar.

This is a watchtower that we did not climb,
no matter how tempting all those protrusions around the door looked.
I sit on the hill above the witch's kitchen.
Otherwise thought to have been home to early cave-dwellers.
This is part of our extensive "I'm in frakking, Ireland" series
which mostly consists of giant frakking trees.
Blarney had stairs.
So many stairs.
So very many stairs.
This is the larger "exit" stairs. The "entrance" stairs were smaller.
I'm in Frakking Ireland, giant frakking tree, sister version.

No, don't leave without me! The trees look hungry!
So hungry.


  1. Those ARE giant frakking trees! I love them!

    Kudos to you for scrambling into tiny places. :)

    Much love friend and do enjoy your trip in heaping amounts.

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