Thursday, May 19, 2011

Checked In

We have finally stopped moving. First airplane, of course.
We were too tired to laugh.

 Airplane, then more airplane, then car -- our plan is to travel throughout Ireland first and settle in Dublin (where our airport is) at the end, so immediately off the plane we get the car and start driving. But we have made it to Cork the same night as Great Britain's queen doing -- I've been told -- a reconciliation tour. I don't know that this will change our plans any unless they close off Blarney for her or something.

But we've settled into our room....

Where we took this picture from the window...

We will go out to eat, then probably hide in the room the rest of the night and sleep the sleep we didn't get on the plane. Tomorrow we will be rested and be able to take fun pictures and look at neat stuff without being whiny.

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