Thursday, March 17, 2011


Not-leather purse experimentation brought two sizes of fleece Goblinimus...

Top Goblinimus is nearly 9 inches wide while the bottom Goblinimus is only 5.5.

And an attempt at Pie Rat.
He's not looking as much like a pie slice as I really want.

Then with leather I tried a really large version of What Ninja.
That big, I think he loses a lot of his cute factor.

So less than my usual 3 out of 4 success rate, but it was interesting. Now I'm pretty sure I shouldn't keep trying for larger in my little purses, and I don't think I want to make one big enough to be a main purse. I think that fleece will work for some of them, but not all, because it brings a fluffy-ness that the leather doesn't. (The leather, since it doesn't need edge seams, can look both simple and smooth. The fleece will never make smooth.)

But I think both Goblinimus (Goblininimi? Goblinimuses?)  are cute enough to go up on Etsy. Unfortunately, Giant What Ninja is too big to go in the children's play bin so I'm not sure what to do with him. And, on Pie Rat, the fleece stretched when I sewed on the zipper (under the bandanna) so he looks lumpy from some sides. Small sadnesses. Though I have learned things to carry forward to future attempts.

If you have ideas what to do with my two saddest creations from this week, I'd love to hear them.


  1. Have you thought about altering existing bags? I think a big canvas bag with monstrous attributes could be cute.

  2. I hadn't, but I'll start working on that. I don't think I have any big canvas bags right now. (Well, I do, but they're set aside for handing over to Jenn next time I see her.) I'll add them to the garage sale watch-for list.

  3. Regarding your two creations: I like the pie rat, he's cute and so is the name! True, the large What Ninja isn't as cute as the small one (I confess, I like small stuff too). Maybe you could put the large one on Etsy, I'm sure someone out there is waiting for a large What Ninja to love.

    Oh and just in case my DH forgot to tell you (as he forgot for a week to pull it out of his game bag and give it to me), thank you for the small turquoise purse, it's adorable and I love the color too. :)