Thursday, December 9, 2010

This week 5 new minipurses came into being

That phrasing is required by Mr. Cthulhu.
He will, sadly become part of the children's bin of snuggle purses -- I know, odd children I have -- because he's of a larger size, but not practically so. With his mouth so center-mass, he can't eat anything larger than the small purses do. I'm tempted to copy the Epbot format and put the zipper on the back, but in my imagination --imagination only, thank goodness-- he grabs things with his tentacles and shoves them into his zipper mouth.

Still, I love Mr. Cthulhu. I just have to figure how to make him practical.

Princess Froglips didn't come out quite as nicely as I'd hoped either. I think it's because, excellent artist that she is, she somehow made the pink-lipped frog elegant. I'm only good at cute. Trying to copy elegant. (Which works about as well as you'd expect.)

And trying to replicate those eyes was not easy either. The back feet was my failed attempt at Fluevog style heels. (That's her weakness, if you ever need bribery material.) I should have just made froggy toes. I gave it to her anyway, thinking she might be able to dangle it somewhere at her craft shows for a Princess Froglips reference. Maybe set it somewhere and fill the mouth with business cards. (The silver crown is because I bought a scrap leather lot off Ebay to replenish my stock and it came with metallic silver, but not metallic gold.)

Supersize also loses out on the functionality scale. I should have cut square of leather for the center of his legs and sewed the background on at his back instead of wrapping it around. The two layer thickness for the bottom half of Supersize means he doesn't open well and doesn't store much.
Butt he's cute. I crack myself up. :)

Lee Czar, the larger, is large. He's easily large enough to eat my Blackberry. (It's in there, I swear.) I'm going to add him to my Etsy store, but he's reaching the size where he's less a keychain addition and more a purse on his own. If I make anything larger I'm going to have to figure out how to make straps so I can call it a real purse.

And then, there's What Ninja. Shhh, he'll be hurt if he thinks you can see him. He's on the large side too, but I love him. I may have to make a mini size, just big enough for my ipod and keep him to switch out on occasion with the dragon that lives on my keychain....

But that's my craftiness for the week. I'm still planning to make a larger version of Octopurse. I want to make Mr. Cthulhu functional. And I want to figure out a zombie purse. I'm also tempted to try again with Supersize and figure out how to add a cape and/or mask. Maybe embroider a giant 'S' on his chest -- for Supersize, not Superman.

And cookies.

Coming close to Christmas means I need to bake cookies.

What have you been crafting?


  1. I have adored each of the little purses you've posted! My crafty stuff for the holidays? We have a "dirty Santa" swap at Mom's house, and for that I've made two calendars (one 5x7 within a folio book thing and one 8.5x11), and two jewelry sets. One is a necklace and earrings, and the other is a bracelet and earrings.

    My next goal is to make some matching outfits and pjs for Nicole and her American Girl doll. I have the fabric, but time seems to be in short supply. So we'll see.

  2. I'd offer one for you, but I can't see you carrying it to the University to work up there :)

    Except for the necessary solid color shirts for the school year, clothes sewing always gets put off till last. Not sure why. I love making something useful that works and being able to wear it (or have the children wear it, but clothes are just not that exciting to sew.

    Alaina has one more week of school than yours does. I'm not sure if it will be helpful or not. --At least it give me more time to make presents for the teachers.

  3. You're right - I probably wouldn't carry something like that regularly - and if I wanted it for myself, I'd have to never leave it at home - the kids would steal it from me the first chance they got. No - I think a mini-purse would sit up on my cubicle shelf next to crazy valentine sock monkey that my sister made. No one can quite figure out what it is, or why it's there. And that's precisely what makes him worth having. :-)

  4. In that case -- which is your favorite?

  5. Hey Marilou, I just have to say that I also have loved each of the little purses you've sewn and posted. It's exciting to see each of them with their unique personality. If only I could come up with something I'm good at to sell... that would be awesome. Congrats on your success! Merry Christmas! ^_^