Monday, November 22, 2010

I was doing well

But then I stopped. Or was stopped.

I can excuse it with the flu, right? I think it's fluish. Oddly, it started with muscle-aches. Three days of muscle-aches before the sore throat, swollen tonsils, or headache. Usually my winter illnesses go the other way.

I have two good chapters of my new story, and intend more when I can find the correct types of medicine to allow me think again.

I have four new monster-purses -- from when it was only muscle aches -- and one of them is the new house favorite.
Mister Manyeyes. Little Boy insisted on sleeping with him his first night, swearing that if he had two Mister Manyeyes he could double-sleep. I may have to make more of them, more of him.
Creature was much more difficult than I'd expected him to be and the difficulty wasn't the many layers of leather making his scales, but for some reason the sewing machine kept skipping a certain section of the zipper.  You can see the spot right under his nose. I tried over and over and it ended up attached but looking a little messy. Very sad, because other than that, I think he ended up very cute.
Devlish is OK, but I think I should have made him shorter. As long as he is, I think he may look like he's missing a nose.
Whooo turned out better than I expected. My idea was the zipper being the branch Whooo sat on with the feet concealing it a little. It worked! (That one toe isn't as crooked as it looks, it got tucked under the bottom lip before the picture.) I'm trying to decide whether my neighbor would like him or if he should join the others on Etsy.

Also trying to figure out how to make an elephant version without the trunk being too intrusive. The Cthulhu versions open and close easily enough, so perhaps I should just sew it out rather than over-thinking it, but occasionally I think that over-thinking things is sort of my hallmark. Or, more accurately I suppose, switching back and forth between over-thinking and rushing headlong into a situation without thinking at all. Sometimes I do that too.

Oh, I also finished Little Girl's sweater. --When I went to get yarn for knitting the witch-hat she asked if she could choose a yarn. I let her and she asked for sweater so I chose a free Lion Brand pattern that I then altered quite a bit. I sometimes worry that I have difficulty following instructions. (I made the sleeves longer and added a crochet trim to the bottom.)
I'm working on this one for little boy. Not a sweater, just a hat. I want to make him Sackboy because Bill brought that game over and he loves it, but he chose black during the same shopping trip and I need to make him something out of it -- and I thought he'd like the button.

But finally I have a story I'm excited about. The one I'm writing, that is. I want to know what happens next, but with my head pounding like this, I'd rather read it than write it. I've gone through five books today that couldn't hold my attention, but Princess Froglips -- Isn't her booth wonderful? She's gone fully into a hobby where I can't follow, I'll do knit and a little crochet, but I can't add spinning and dyeing. Anyway, she gave me some new-to-me Georgette Heyer and a new Jennifer Crusie (perhaps only new-to-me?) -- I think it's called Wild Ride.

Usually, I love those two.

I wonder if Georgette Heyer's paragraph-long sentences and page-long paragraphs will work with headache. Somehow she makes them work, but it takes a tiny bit of brain twisting when you start reading to fit into her groove. Crusie would probably be easier, but that one is hardcover and hardcovers are harder to curl up with. Oh, the conundrums of headache.

Does anyone have a favorite sick book to recommend? Husband is very good to me. I could probably convince him to make a bookstore run.

Between flu and holiday, I probably won't be writing here again until next week, however, I will come back for comments and commenting. Hoping you will all have the best of holidays and those of you working on NaNoWriMo not only win, but really like your stories when you're done!


  1. Those purses are awesome! Not to be too nosy, but are they selling well? I do hope so! Did you ever hear back from Epbot Jen?

  2. I sold one. One of the Cthulhus. I need to try those again to figure out a pattern I'm happier with.

    Something about Etsy I should have considered early on -- there's about 20 thousand purses on etsy. Mine don't stand out -- yet. The lady who bought the first one sent happy reviews and there aren't many others of the same thing out there. And the Etsy listings last 4 months, so there's time. --And I'm still having fun thinking of new ones.

    I did hear back from Epbot Jen --I think she probably just gets so many emails things take her a while. Did you see how many people signed up for the Star Wars day?

    Doing the Epbot fan thing in a different way, I'm working on a tutorial thing for Monday.