Monday, November 15, 2010

Busy Weekend

This weekend was Little Boy's birthday. So, yes, I ate cake for several meals. I will never lose weight like this. And Husband has finally gotten serious about it. He came to see me in the sewing room with a half cup measure and the jug of eggnog (I love eggnog) to say, "Did you know this is the serving size for eggnog? It's 180 calories for this!" Shaking the cup measure. "THIS!"

Also I was pretty sedentary. I created. All these ideas in my head -- but for the last little bit they have absolutely nothing to do with stories. Now all my creation energy seems to be focused on my little creatures.

Like Skeletina.
If I make another one of these I'm going to make the eyes bigger.


Monster, the Earnest
He will give you this flower if only you give him some food. FOOD!

I tried Cthulhu...

But I wasn't happy with him, so I tried again

Still not happy, but right now I can't figure out how to make whatever is in my head that isn't coming out right. (That part is like writing --see, Writing! I did bring it up in this, my writing blog.) I think I might need the eyes closer together, centered closer to the tentacles so the rest of the round head looks more bulbous.

And I made a second version of Mr. Vampypants (the vampire face).

Then I made Botster (or Monsterbot?, no, Botster, I think.)

Which made me think of the Epbot robot --I made it in clay a few months ago -- but I couldn't figure out how to give it a zipper mouth when it doesn't really have a mouth. (I thought of putting it on the bottom, like with Octopurse and Cthulhu the first, and sticking with the head only idea, but I wasn't thrilled with my imaginings for that -- and I couldn't figure out how to make the top of the head dangly light thing sturdy enough for that.) So I ended up putting the zipper on the back and having Epbot, the bot take over the whole front.

How sad is it that I think I might like the little robot purse better than my dragon? She (and her 'The Husband', I think I read) does excellent logos. Like Princess Froglips. I have much jealousy.

Next, I have to go put them all up on my brand new Etsy store, where Clothdragon was already taken as a moniker, so I had to go with dragonbones -- well, I'm sure there were lots of other things I could have chosen, but either they don't have the easy check to find out which names are available or I didn't find it. So, I took the first thing -that came to mind- and -that they accepted- and Dragonbones, it is.

Though I think I might have to send Epbot, the bot out to Jen, because it is her design, you know. Even though I did forget the little ear protrusions. Grumble. Why couldn't I have noticed that before I sewed it together? It would be pretty impossible to get them attached now.

But that's what I've been doing lately. Giving in to my sewing addiction. Any suggestions for new monster faces to try? (Oh, I wonder if Etsy already has a MonsterMaker! Or maybe that's too long... And I've already listed stuff under dragonbones. Hmmm....)


  1. I hope you sent that robot to Jen. I almost sent the link myself today and caught it after I saw your blog post! I'm so behind on my blogs! Grrrrr, nano!

  2. I sent an email to ask if she wanted it. Not sure if she got it since she hasn't responded. I noticed her response to the clay thing I made came from a different address that the one posted on site and that I'd used that one so it might have gone to a spam folder.

    Nano. At least you're doing well. I got blocked and started a whole new story. Which is wrong. Which is completely against the point of nano. But I'm really happy with my new first chapter and I'm twisting stuff in my head trying to figure out exactly what's going to happen past the relationship issues I've played with so far.