Thursday, September 2, 2010

Clay Again

Remember last week, when I made a dragon? Well, afterward, I was searching online for a small creature/thing that looked relatively easy to make when I remembered the round little EPBOT robot. I printed it up and stuck it in my clay box for Wednesday -- which may end up being our regular clay nights. I think we're all having fun with this.

So, back to the point, imagine how amusing I found it when, Tuesday, Jen wrote a big post about how many people have sent her robot things in the last week. And that not so long after someone got a tattoo of her little robot. Still, I had no other ideas, and her robot really is cute.

So here I am, the latest in a long line of robot admirers (fresh from the oven, so you know how late I stayed up making it).

Sister, of course, made the second cutest creature in the world.
Oh, and to prove how amazingly bad I am at photography or that her brand new critter is haunted, I somehow got this picture straight out of the camera, no editing...

And super kudos for my own Little Girl -- 7 yrs old (almost 8, sigh). She did a great job of this one (from the Scultping Mythical Creatures out of Polymer Clay book by Dinko and Boris Tiloy) even if his jacket did miss covering his belly on the left.

I got a few books from the library, but I think the skill level represented in them is way above what I currently have (I am so not ready to start Creating Lifelike Figures in Polymer Clay by Katherine Dewey) so... if anyone has any suggestions for next week, I'd love to hear them. (And, EPBOT Jen, should you have any interest in my poor little robot, let me know and I'll happily join the list of admirers sending you things.)

But really, people, send me suggestions. And... I like making things more than I like keeping things, so if there's anything you wanted made out of clay, now's your chance. Suggest away.


  1. Did you send a pic of that robot to her? I'll have to run by her blog and check that out.

  2. You know, I meant to, but I haven't gotten around to that yet. Too busy checking out this workshop thing. I'll get there yet. :)

  3. I love your clay figures! It looks like you all are having fun with clay! :)