Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Night

Guess what we did last night?

Too easy?

Well, here they are....
Starry eyes is mine -- using this one as a model. My pumpkin was too small to really carve like that -- at least that's what we're guessing because carving it was really hard. It came apart in strings and chunks making detail work impossible. At least impossible for me. Witch-face is sister's/Little Girl's/mine. Sister didn't want to carve tonight. Little Girl got to try next. She wanted to do a witch face, but wasn't happy with her own art for it so I drew this one quickly and she wanted it on a pumpkin. Taa daa. Witch face. The sharp toothy one is Husband's.

In the dark, we have....
And outside on the porch.
There was one more person at Pumpkin Carving Night. My friend Bill, who did...

We Haz Jack-O-Lanterns!


  1. We did that Monday night. Ended up with a kind of Dragon/Gator head sticking out its tongue. Not bad for maybe a half hour.

  2. Sounds fun. Make sure to take a picture -- pumpkins don't last forever.

  3. Wow, they're awesome Marilou! It IS sad that they didn't stay that way until AFTER Halloween. :(

  4. Those are awesome. We didn't carve anything. I was too nervous about starting nano!

  5. Thank you both.

    Barbara, I noticed that you gave yourself a giant nano goal. Wow, I'm not sure I'll make the nano goal, let alone any additional words, but I'm rooting for you.