Monday, September 6, 2010

Holiday Monday

Well, to start with... Happy Holidays everyone!

Today, I'm writing random thoughts running through my head. Aren't you excited? (And wasn't that a wonderful number of r's in that sentence?)

If I told you I was thinking Firefly, it would better, wouldn't it? I knew it would.

So, here's the thing. I've watched Firefly a number of times. Not only me, either. We've watched Firefly a number of times. A few years ago we had a giant New Years Eve Firefly marathon, starting early morning Dec 31, planned to end at midnight. The point is, we've watched it several times. All of it. Every little bit and the movie too.

But my ears have been ringing lately -- probably the many medicines I'm on. I already have an appointment to talk about it. So I don't like quiet lately. I put something on in the background always to quiet the ringing, when the rare occasion happens that the children are quiet. And I've run out of 1-800-Missing, so ... Firefly. It's on Instant, and I've watched it before, (we actually own the dvds, but Instant is easier) so it should be great background material right?

I put the first episode on Saturday evening when Hubby and children were playing a video game on his computer. He walks through the room to check on me and, I think, head to the bathroom. And he .... stops. He stands, watching it with me for ten minutes before he finally sits down to watch the rest. By this time, I've put my book down and I'm watching too.


I put the second episode on Sunday night. Hubby was out running -- he's doing another half-marathon in February so this will happen a lot. He gets back halfway through and before he even heads off to the showers, he's hooked. He stands up three times during the show trying to head to the shower and watches from the center of the room as if he'll leave any second, but he can't quite get away. He finally leaves as River whimpers in the corner -- oh, about 30 seconds from the end.

I know, my last few writing-related posts have been bringing up a show that catches me and saying -- this is what I need to learn how to do, but I'm doing it again anyway. This is it. We've seen it a dozen times, but still we'll sit and watch it again. There aren't many shows I can say that about. I even love how Jayne is made to be hated. (I knitted Hubby a Jayne hat for his birthday two years ago -- hey, I think it was that year we watched the marathon, 'cause Hubby's birthday is New Years Eve).

But that's what I want. I want to write stories that people can't help but read. That they have to finish. That they'll keep reading as they try to lower it to the table beside them then, give up and carry it to the phone or the front door with them because they can't stand to be away from it that long.

Where am I on achieving that goal? Not there yet.

I've spent most of this year putting off getting serious about writing.

I can psycho-analyze myself and recognize the holding pattern I'm falling into as I wait to find out what happens with my health. Whether I'll ever be able to get off blood-thinners. If I'll ever stabilize enough to stop the weekly checkups. If I'm likely to have another life threatening event. I know I have a tendency to fixate. And the need to have things settled before I can move on. But I can't wait a year to do this, to start my next long story.

I told Barbara I'd make a decision on a story by the end of September and I will. I'm nearly certain.

How about you? Are you stalling on something you should be doing already? Or are you rushing something you shouldn't? Or is your life running just perfect?

Or you can tell me your thoughts on Firefly, if that's easier than serious introspection. It's certainly more fun. What's your favorite part? I'll understand if you have to watch it all again to narrow it down. I know, I'll hear back from you in a few days.

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  1. I'm trying to get myself out of a rut by working on a few different projects that I started before, playing with them but not committing just yet. At the same time, I'm making notes on something different. I'm waiting to see what I get bored with and drop until I'm left with one thing. *shrug* Could work.