Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Links

I have to start with the weirdest purse I have ever seen. Also found a picture here, but can't find a way to buy it. You can also get it in cake form. Well, sorta.

An interesting choice for a speedbump. But without the bump. Even so, I would have a hard time driving over it.

I also found a giant goldfish. I had a goldfish tank once. I particularly liked the very round ones, but my fish would start to die once they reached about 3 inches. Then I would get sad. That's why I sent the rest of them away to die on someone else's watch. Yes, I'm that caring.

Here are some interesting post apocalyptic images of Tokyo, thirty ways to use Duct Tape and unusual scissors, as well as a news story that is just wrong. Seriously wrong. But we can make you feel better with cute Star Wars/Pooh art.

On the writing front, a man jokes about responding to his rejection letters. And his responses are certainly very funny, but they just don't hold a candle to the commenters below who act as if he was serious. Link discovered here, where they have a somewhat more serious discussion about the rejections faced by writers. (Hubby and I joke that it's like having to send out a resume' and prove qualifications every time you have a new idea -- usually more than once until you find someone who agrees and is willing to spend money on it -- when your job is to come up with new ideas.)

And then, I have to say, I saved the best for last. Climb down off that horse and click here to get your own personalized message from the man your man could smell like.


  1. Loved the Old Spice thing. Rejection letter page made me snarl. I'm sooo tired of them, especially the nice ones.

  2. Did you finish your short story? Sometimes it helps to switch gears for a while.

  3. I did finish my short story and tinkered with another.

  4. Good for you. I have a structure worksheet I'm trying to fill out for all my story ideas to help me make a decision. What that feels like it means is that I'm not accomplishing anything -- though I know I'll feel better once I choose a path and start forward again.

    For the other sadness.... go to epbot, look at all the really cool costumes and start thinking about what you want to wear next year when we get together and go. Can't be sad when you're planning costumes. And I don't know your costuming skills, but if you need sewing assistance, you'll have to let me know right after Halloween so I have time to work on one for you, one for my sister (she doesn't sew), and one for me. :)

  5. Princess Froglips, if she chooses to go will, of course, make her own costume and outshine all of us, but when you're staring in awe at the costuming, it's hard to be jealous.

  6. I can't make clothes to save my life, unless you want clothes that look like tents. Then we're good to go. What I can do is embroidery. That I'm a whiz at.

    That being said, since I used to go to Ren Faires obsessively, I already have lots of costumes made by others, so I could probably just dig one of those out.

  7. It's a deal then. I'll sew it, you embroider it. I still have a barely begun cross stitch project that I started -- has to be about ten years ago. Not so good on any of the hand sewn parts.