Thursday, August 26, 2010

We Played with Clay!

I bet no one can guess what I made....


Alright, I admit it. You got it in one.
 And he only looks a little bit angry. --And only from this side....
And with only the one obvious thumb print. (Notice I showed you the better side first. Makes me look all skilled and stuff. You know, until you paged down.)

Oh well, we'll get better. I used the round little unicorn displayed on JoeHurryCreations but created by QuernusCrafts for the idea. (I spent nearly an hour smooshing clay in my hands without an idea before I decided to look online and see what other people had done.) Hers is much cuter.

Sister used this picture as a starting point and made this...
We've never played Sonic so hadn't recognized it, but it sure is cute.

And Husband made this one...
It's a Beholder. Yep, I married a gamer. He put it up with the minis and I'm really hoping we're not going to run into it next session. (Yep, I'm a gamer too. But with less experience than him. We met when another friend invited me to my first ever tabletop rpg game and nearly fifteen years later, here we are.)

But there's our creativity for the week. What fun things have you been up to?


  1. One of the best Halloween costumes I saw was a very pregnant lady as a beholder. The baby bulge was the big eye and she had done up her hair into little eye stalks.

  2. I love the pregnant belly costumes. They're so fun. (My only Halloween pregnant I went as a cheerleader with the baby belly hanging over the pleated cheer skirt). That one sounds excellent.

  3. That dragon is so cute! And so angry! But cute angry, so that I want to say, "He's so angwy!"

  4. I love your dragon! Maybe he should be your next mascot for the site. Of course he's missing the "Cloth" part... Hmm...

    You know if your hubby put the beholder up with the minis, he's got plans for it - eventually. ;D

    Are these made with polymer clay? Where did you find the clay? Ever since I took that ceramics class, I've been wanting to get my hands on more clay and make something...but I'm just not that creative and that kind of clay (the type you fire in a kiln) is expensive - I think.

  5. We're using polymer clay. Michaels has it. You cook it in the oven at low temperatures for while. You can get kiln fired clay at Do Art. The children and I went this summer. $30 for 2 pounds and that inludes the firing and painting. (The children were sick the next week, then I was sick the week after that, so we never picked up our creations.) Do Art also has classes, but we never looked into those. Just painting stuff was expensive enough once you add up all three of us.