Friday, August 13, 2010

Writing Links

This week I have writing links, not funny links or any old link that caught my attention. Yes, that's my usual method of link choosing. But this week, here's Elizabeth Bear talking about Thirteen Things to Do When You Run Out of Plot.

And James Bonnet on Conquering High Concept, written simply enough even I might be able to do it.

Jennifer Crusie discusses publishing myths.

Barbara Poelle brightened my Tuesday, like usual. Really, she writes there every Tuesday. I look forward to it.

Web Worker Daily discusses Discipline for Home Workers. I need me some of that.

And Hooray for weekend! Some of that will be good too.

UPDATE: And a late edition! This site on procrastination led me to this site on tv tropes. It looks like something that would really help me further procrastinate! (It also looks fun for people who want to read about well-known tropes and find out whether they are falling into any cliche' traps.

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