Monday, August 16, 2010

Things I did to Avoid Writing

I reworked the look of this blog. If you get it through rss feeds, go to the site and look. I made it all pretty and brown with dragon-ish scales. Using the blogger templates of course, but I like the customization of the templates. You can get some real pretty in these templates. (Next month it might look old and drab to me in all the browns, but right now, I'm loving it.) I even made an icon to replace the orange Blogger 'b' in the tab button.

I fixed up my sister's Merechyn site and moved it to blogger as well. If I'm learning to customize stuff, I might as well customize it all at the same place. She's not sure what she wants to do with her site, but unlike me, she doesn't just start sticking words out there and see what it turns out like. She's a planner. I drew her a little moat-surrounded castle for her tab, but I'm not sure if you can really tell what it is.

Husband has cable-monkey. He started using it at the end of last year for work stuff -- about the time they interviewed him for the BICSI professional journal, but then it just tapered off and he stopped updating. I made his site more interesting looking and gave him a monkey face for the tab.

I also updated the ChapterBlitz site my sister and I started and made it so other people could help us continue the story instead of just leaving it to the two of us. I'm not entirely happy with the background there, but I'm not sure what I really want yet, so it's good enough for now.

If you use blogger and want to waste a day or two the same way I have, BetaTemplates has some great Blogger tutorials that helped me with every customization that I wanted to make. Also good for wasting time, go to ChapterBlitz and tell us what happens next.

Oh, and I fixed a quilt Husband has had since he was a kid. It was the one he took with him when he moved out into an apartment he shared with his childhood best friend. He still used it when we first started dating -- until we moved in together and decided that a single bed wouldn't work anymore.

My fix is the brown edge. The yellow was worn through along the top. The funniest part about all this is that it took all this time -- it took laying it flat, looking for other rips or worn through bits and Little Boy pretending it was a maze -- for us to notice that it isn't just random squares.

There's a pattern there.

Sort of obvious from this direction, isn't it? And the bone at the bottom with the maker's name (his mother's aunt) and the date should have helped. But with the feet, ears, and tail perpendicular to the rest, off the sides of the bed, we only ever saw it as random squares.

I'm sure if I was thinking about writing I could make some sort of analogy here, but I'm too busy wasting time.  You will have analogize for me. (I wasn't sure you could do that with the word analogy, but spell-check isn't turning it red, so I guess it is a word). I will waste time looking up what it really means, while you pretend it means what I meant for it to mean, and tell me what it all means. (Analogalogically speaking, that is.) <--Now that's underlined in red.

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