Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Again?

Clothdragon is not here. She is still sleeping because she has been staying up past midnight playing solitaire.

Oh how I wish I was allowed to sleep late. The little ones, they need stuff. Always in the morning with the needing of stuff. But then if they didn't it would be too easy to play games all night and sleep all day, accomplishing nothing. I might still accomplish nothing, but at least now I do it during the days.

Last week, I accomplished cleaning and re-purposing of the sewing room to make dedicated writing space in an area where I could close the door. I won't because I wouldn't be able to stand not hearing the children, but I could. And it is quieter in there.

No cartoons or playing children in that room. (They haven't been allowed in there since I got a room because there are sharp scissors, pins, needles, and those rolling razor-blade cutters that quilters use. NSFChildren)

Here's the sewing part...

Here's the writing part (the bookshelf and the desk -- the shelves hold fabric and notions.)

Here's the little desk and sewing machine for Little Girl (and Little Boy when he gets another few years older). I need to find some simple patterns for her. We started a simple A-line skirt, but I need to think about how to teach her hemming and elastic when the straight lines down the side aren't so very straight.

But still....

Taa daaa!

Functional. And I moved all my tables around so I can be facing the door no matter what I'm working on. No, I don't know why that's so important to me, but, really, it does help.

I can't wait to accomplish something in there.

What kind of space do you have? Plenty of room? Not enough? Intruded upon? (And do you really use it or do you go somewhere else to work, just happy that it's there?)

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  1. I could not work under such shelves. My neck would be too busy anticipating them falling on my head. Brave, brave you.